GENTSPACE 2023 春夏系列

2023 Spring / Summer Collection

乐动由心  Feel Like Twisting

GENTSPACE 2023春夏系列延续了以往的时尚都市风格,在版型上加入微廓形的设计以及H线条,将印花与糖宝图案在款式上做了更多创意应用,同时选择易打理的棉麻及混纺材质,放大了自由感与休闲感,创造了更多自由搭配的空间。人生需要一种松弛感,在承担社会责任之外,也要给自己赞美,为自己歌唱。在忙碌的工作之余,脑内来一场欢快舞蹈,做一个简单的小游戏,心情瞬间愉快起来。

The fashion urban style is continued in GENTSPACE 2023 Spring/Summer collection, slight oversized design and H lines are added on the version, more application on monograms and candy crush pattern are created in style. At the same time, easy care of cotton and linen and blended material are chosen for clothes, which enlarges the sense of freedom and leisure, creates more space for free match. The sense of relaxation is needed in our life, except for taking social responsibilities, we can praise and sing for ourselves. After busy work, just start a happy dance in our brain, do a simple game, the mood will be brightened in a flash.

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