GENTSPACE 2022 春夏系列

2022 Spring / Summer Collection



Everywhere I go, I find a poet has been there before me. ——Sigmund Freud

GENTSPACE 2022春夏系列灵感启航于意大利南部Puglia. 航行旅程目之所及的自然景观一一融汇到本季产品之中。在路上是常态,是GENTSPACE溯源经典、尊重审美的探路精神,而偶尔的失联中则是GENTSPACE的幽默与通达,是懂得张弛有度的节奏与掌控人生的自在.

The GENTSPACE 2022 spring/summer collection is inspired by Puglia. The natural landscapes of the journey are integrated into products of the collections. "On the road" is the norm, it is GENTSPACE's tracing spirit of tracing the classics and respecting aesthetics, while the occasional "lost connection" is GENTSPACE’s way of humorous, which is always at its own pace and fulfilled with relaxation.


The voyage is not for the purpose of arrival, how you dress is the same, it is never been deliberate. Everywhere I go, I find a poet has been there before me. Handing the direction to life itself, let the most pleasant Mediterranean wind rolled up in the duration, accompanied by laughter, all the way forward.

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