GENTSPACE 2021 秋冬系列

2021 Autumn / Winter Collection


Life is full of delightful moments, if we take a moment to appreciate them

GENTSPACE 2021秋冬系列以“Delightful moments 心悦时刻”为灵感,探究人、自然两者之间永恒可持续性的共生共处关系,驻足生命中每一个细微的时刻,拥抱自然带来的内心愉悦。

Inspired by "Delightful moments", GENTSPACE 2021 Autumn and  Winter Collection explores the eternal and enduring symbiotic relationship between human and nature stopping at every subtle moment in life to embrace the inner joy brought by nature.


The root of nature's sustainability and GENTSPACE's approach to the wisdom of life, are two rivers that flow to the same sea. Maintaining physical and mental joy and finding balance within ourselves, is what it means to have self-sustainability . By continuing having new thoughts and insights about life and nature, man can absorb the peaceful power from nature, and hence obtaining delightful moments in life.

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