GENTSPACE 2020 春夏系列

2020 Spring / Summer Collection


Sicilian Journey in Filmed Photos

GENTSPACE 2020春夏系列以「胶片摄影」为灵感,感性再现意大利西西里岛的「色」、「影」和「夏」。用思考与等待捕捉青葱一瞥间闪现的灵光,浓郁的色彩、暧昧的颗粒感和朦胧的光感,简单与复杂、夸张与直接,胶片摄影让不同的元素在这场「造像」中达到意外的平衡。

Inspired by ‘Film Photography’, GENTSPACE 2020 Spring Summer Collection presents the colors, shades and summertime of Sicily with perceptions. Having pondered and waited, we captured inspirations for the collection in several instants. With colors of saturation, pixels of passion, shadows in haziness, the photos approach a balanced tone beyond expectations, interlacing the complicated and the simple, the metaphorical and the obvious.


The gentlemen's romantic journey begins now. Enjoyed your time in the collection of filmed Sicily.



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