GENTSPACE 2019 春夏系列

2019 Spring / Summer Collection


Players’ Midsummer Bliss

GENTSPACE 2019春夏系列以音乐纪录片《乐士浮生录》为灵感。卡耐基音乐厅全场满溢着的浓郁的情感、热情的旋律、随性的舞蹈与自由的歌声,感动着也感染了本季的创作。
全新企划的“& easy”特别轻化结构系列,专为旅行设计,重新定义绅士多样多面的新着衣态度。

GENTSPACE 2019 Spring Summer Collection is inspired by the Music Documentary called "Buena Vista Social Club". That is, all the music players held their passion for life, cheering for what they have. Emotions, melodies, rhythms and dance surrounded Carnegie Music Hall. These impressive moments inspire GENTSPACE with the concept of 2019 spring summer collection.
GENTSPACE men are right the players being passionate for life. ‘La Bella Vita’, they enjoy whatever comes to them, including ideas for styling. Just like music players re-composing songs, GENTSPACE, as a style player, renewed fabrics, patterns and structures in the latest collection. Boundaries between the formal and the casual are broken. Functional and stylish, classic and contemporary now mix.
“& easy” is a brand new special collection from 2019 Spring Summer. Designed for travelers with unstructured pieces, it redefines the varied new dressing attitudes of gentlemen.
Dress to be elegant and be easy to dress. “Effortless elegance” continues to be timeless.

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