GENTSPACE 2018秋冬系列

2018 Autumn / Winter Collection


GENTSPACE 2018秋冬系列将围绕“隐藏的奢华”这一主题,像阅读一部优美的文学作品那样,去感悟当代绅士在一丝不苟的精致细节背后,隽永低调的品格与内涵。


GENTSPACE 2018 Autumn Winter Collection is about the ‘Inner Exquisity’ of modern gentlemen. The gentle elegance and meticulous details of theirs are like a poem that rhymes. This collection interprets such exquisity the same way as appreciating an excellent work of literature.

Geometric silhouette, colours in earth tone and layers in styling highlight the design. Culture, art and apparel are connected, revealing a style of effortlessness.

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