GENTSPACE 2017春夏系列

2017 Spring / Summer Collection


GENTSPACE 2017春夏系列以“Less is More”为设计理念,通过对剪裁、工艺、细节以及搭配的完美苛求,致敬美好生活的简洁与优雅,带来Contemporary Classic绅士着装体验。 GENTSPACE旨在用优雅而得体的穿着唤起每个绅士对慢生活格调的内心向往和对时尚潮流的自我诠释。

GENTSPACE 2017春夏系列运用既成熟又具有现代感的经典配色,在Sartorial、水洗、成衣染色等一系列工艺中,用正装工艺做出休闲感的设计,追求极致完美的处处隐藏细节。 GENTSPACE打造属于当代的复古潮流趋势,为顾客带来更为舒适又不失得体的穿着体验。

With ‘Less is More’ being the design concept, the collection endeavors to deliver a perfect experience on Contemporary Classic menswear through the finest tailoring, craft, details and styling, paying tribute to an effortless and elegant lifestyle.

The palette of GENTSPACE 2017 SS collection has a modern as well as mature touch. The designed casualness is accomplished by the craft for formal wear with manufacturing techniques like sartorial cutting, washing, garment dying etc. Hidden beneath the perfect sartorial art are extraordinary details. This collection reveals a Contemporary Retro attitude in styles developed by GENTSPACE, offering modern dandies the chance to dress for both comfort and decency.

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