GENTSPACE 2017秋冬系列

2017 Autumn / Winter Collection


GENTSPACE 2017秋冬系列延续20世纪60年代男装精神,以当代解读重塑经典风格,打造都会男士的新派优雅。品牌秋冬系列产品设计受到上世纪60年代经典电影《龙凤斗智》启发,以主演Steve McQueen混合了不同风格、多元化的玩味造型,又具有倜傥不羁的精神为基调,重塑符合现代人时装品味的产品。

Inspired by the sophisticated ego of 1960s, GENTSPACE 2017 Autumn/Winter Collection presents the new chic urban style with modern refinement. The contemporary classic design is influenced by Steve McQueen in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ in 1968 as he played different roles of various styles, being classic, elegant, cool and trendy.

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